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Jon Daou has built a life in music from his endless fascination in how sound relates to anything and everything, as well as his love for connecting with others through shared creative efforts. An award-winning composer, Jon has a strong focus on cross-collaboration. Known best for orchestral composition and adept electronic music production, his work is wide-ranging and lends itself to building cinematic worlds and immersive stories in film, games, theatre and more.

Jon is currently engaged in a busy run composing for online and broadcast commercial projects with production house Fuse Adventures In Audio, in Singapore. He has worked with clients such as Netflix, Spotify, THX, Universal Studios, Razer, Bose and countless more. Alongside this, he has been composing and directing music and audio for games & other interactive arts. Experimenting with piano improvisation since the age of twelve, Jon’s interest in creating his own music manifested quickly. He was first mentored by Andrew Peggie at the Centre For Young Musicians in London. Within a couple of years, his fascination with the storytelling aspect of music became galvanised, as he realised the powerful role music played in the films he loved to watch.

After his time at high school playing in jazz bands and concert bands, he took his sixth form at The Purcell School of Music, studying under composers David Buckley, Simon Speare and Alison Cox OBE, and music technology with Aidan Goetzee. From there, Jon quickly took up composition for film, staging his first live film score performance in his first year there. He then went on to study composition at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, under composers Julian Philips, Professor Matthew King, Dr Richard Baker and Dr Alessandro Timossi. He later took up studies in Electronic Music under Jono Buchanan, Mike Roberts and Professor Nye Parry.

Soon after starting his degree, Jon had his first professional composing engagement, working with director Rupert Bryan on ‘Bloodline’, which won “Best Short Film” at the Marbella Film Festival. Later, he collaborated with Olivier Award-winning director Richard Twyman, on Guildhall’s flagship annual theatre production, ‘The House Of Atreus’. Jon, along with his colleagues in electronic music, also staged a series performances of original live electronic and electroacoustic scores to early animated films, at the Barbican Cinema. 

During this time, Jon also teamed up with longtime friend and musical peer Rob Meyer, under the moniker ‘Maker + Meyer’, producing and DJing techno music. Together, they enjoyed years of playing regular DJ sets across London’s seminal techno venues and releasing original tracks & remixes on independent underground labels. Before the end of his degree, Jon's dissertation on the concepts and origins of techno music became the first of its kind to hold a place in the Guildhall Library.

After graduating from Guildhall, Jon returned to design a new specialist course under the Electronic Music department, in creative recording and sound collage techniques (Musique Concrète), which he taught alongside prolific electronic music artist Leafcutter John. He also tutored on the film music course at the Sound And Music Summer School a number of times.

Jon has since continued to steadily grow his career, composing music for all manner of projects, including a contemporary dance performance at Trinity Laban, a private view at the Louise T. Blouin Institute, a live electronic music performance for London Fashion Week, and a series of fashion film collaborations with director Conor Gorman and designer Sorapol.

Besides music, Jon is an avid filmgoer and ocassional gamer, loves magic and illusionist shows and is an ardent fan of comedy in all its forms. He's a 'foodie' and does his best to have his fitness regime keep up with his food appreciation. He lives with his partner, Pim, who is a copywriter. Jon and Pim also collaborate on creative projects from time to time.