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Award-winning composer Jon Daou is best known for rich cinematic orchestral scores and adept electronic music production. He has cultivated a lifelong fascination in how sound relates to anything and everything, through engagements with other artists and collaborators across different fields.

Jon currently composes primarily for video games and films, following a 6-year stint composing and directing music on commercial projects for Riot Games, Netflix, Spotify, THX, Google, Universal Studios, Razer, Uber, Bose and countless others.


His latest long-term endeavour, Trium, is a creative collaboration with composer & sound designer Chris Randle. Together, they’ve worked with MicroProse, heralding the legendary game publisher’s modern revival, having released a soundtrack album of their original score for Carrier Command 2, a new sequel to the cult 1988 game. They continue to work on a multitude of video game projects, with more releases to come.

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